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I'm a Fine Art student studying Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. This is a collection of work from my course, photographs I have taken in my own time and other work I find inspirational.

Today has been a thinking day; thought about the idea that there is always an ongoing buzz in a city, and that it is harder to find natural stillness there compared to in the natural landscape. I also started to remember some of the ideas I had last year when I created that print of myself dressed in red imitating the shapes of trees. I think I might start to use my body as a form within my work. Not so much as self-portraits, but to show how the body interacts in an environment. We’ll see how this develops. Just need to think and read.

Thought it was interesting to see how easy it is to go against the natural way that people follow of doing things. For example, no-one sings out loud in public but it would be so easy to do that. Makes it very easy to stand out in a crowd if you needed to but people don’t and therefore it is simple to get lost in a crowd or a busy city.

An interesting read I thought. It’s written by Joseph Kosuth.